Smart hives for your inner beekeeper

You want to install a beehive in your garden, but have no knowledge of beekeeping?

Apiago is a French start-up that aims to revolutionize the relationship between individuals and bees.
No need to have any knowledge of beekeeping to offer bees a piece of paradise in your home.

The Apiago hive, a unique autonomous beehive

On your balcony or your house's wall, in the middle of your garden or your terrace, install the Apiago automatic beehive and let our technology take care of your bees.

Mounted overhead

Mounted overhead

Possible integration into your outdoor living space .

ruche grand public

Consumer orientated product

Does not require any knowledge of beekeeping .

ruche automatique et connectée


The tracking of your hive and the associated actions are automatic .

ruche de biodiversité

Promotes biodiversity

For biodiversity
and much more!

A beehive mounted overhead

The Apiago hive allows an installation where a classic hive cannot be installed.

Wall-mounted overhead , on your house's wall or at the top of a post like a streetlamp, in the middle of your garden or your terrace, bees live as they do naturally.
So you can continue your activities underneath, as before, without ever being disturbed by the comings and goings of the bees.
The original design and the perfect finish of the Apiago autonomouss beehive allow aesthetic integration everywhere!

A traditional beehive is installed on the ground. It is suitable for beekeeping, that is to say the technique of breeding bees in order to obtain the various hive's products such as honey, pollen or wax.
It is possible to install one of these traditional beehives at home, but the placement of such a hive can be tricky.
In small spaces, in the presence of children or people allergic to bee stings, this becomes difficult or even unthinkable.

A hive geared towards the general public

With the Apiago beehive , new technologies put bees within reach of beginners . You don't have to be a beekeeper to install bees at home .

Integrated technology and automatic data transfer via the Internet allow the colony's health to be monitored.

In the event of a problem, you are automatically alerted by the associated application and guided in the procedure to follow if it is a simple action to perform. You intervene without beekeeping suit and without being in contact with the bees that will be confined inside the hive thanks to the automatic closing. In the event of a larger problem, a network of beekeepers can come and help you.

A traditional beehive requires a minimum of knowledge and time available to monitor that the swarm is doing well (parasites, diseases, pesticide poisoning, etc.)

A connected beehive

The smartphone and tablet application linked with the Apiago beehive offers its owner the possibility to follow his hive's life and monitor bees' health without disturbing them .

application mobile
application mobile ruche connectée
application mobile smart hive

If you wishe so, you can receive general information about their life over the seasons and thus develop your beekeeping skills .
In order to facilitate its installation, the Apiago beehive is equipped with a solar panel in the shape of an oak leaf to meet its energy needs.

A traditional beehive must be regularly opened to ensure that everything is going fine, treat or feed the bees it contains. These actions take time and stress the bees, who then perceive you as an intruder.

A beehive that promotes biodiversity

The bees in your Apiago hive actively participate in the pollination of the surrounding flora.

The multiplication of swarms brings a diversity which tends to disappear with the search for bees varieties selected for their yield.
And because we want it to be really generous, the Apiago hive works without a subscription . In addition, it uses a Raspberry card and thus contributes to the Raspberry Pi charitable foundation which has given itself the mission of making computer science education accessible everywhere in the world!

The domestic and wild bees contribute to the pollination of 80% of flowering plant species. Having a swarm in your home contributes to the pollination of your environment, whether it is for your garden, your fruit trees or the surrounding crops.

The main characteristics of the Apiago beehive

Caractéristiques de la ruche autonome Apiago

The Apiago beehive includes many other peculiarities and patented innovations, in order to allow you to better manage and know your bees.
Discover them!

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